Obsidian Accidentally Posts Avowed Release Date, Hastily Deletes It

Obsidian Entertainment seems to have accidentally revealed that the release date for its fantasy RPG Avowed is November 12, 2024.

The launch plans were revealed thanks to a comment from Game Director Carrie Patel and the rest of the team that appeared in a now-altered post on the Obsidian website. There’s no sign of the date now, but we managed to capture a screenshot before it was removed.

“The last few months at Obsidian Entertainment have been fast-paced and exciting,” the statement said. “Since we saw you at the Xbox Developer Direct this past January, we’ve been busy with Avowed getting it ready for release on November 12, 2024. Today, we’re thrilled to have revealed our first-ever story trailer at Xbox Games Showcase 2024, and to talk with you more about what we’ve shared.”

The current version of the page is almost exactly the same besides the removal of those November release plans. It’s strange to see the November date show up right after today’s Xbox Games Showcase, which wrapped up just hours ago. Avowed appeared during the event with a trailer that showed a good chunk of the game, but it did so while only promising to launch sometime before the year was over. Its removal suggests Obsidian still wasn’t ready to reveal its plans to the rest of the world.

Xbox has yet to comment on if the date is accurate or why it appeared on the Obsidian website. In other words, you may want to refrain from marking your calendars just yet. For everything else that was announced at the Xbox Games Showcase, you can click here.

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