One Of The Best Final Fantasy Games Is Getting An Elegant Collectible Statue

Square Enix didn’t miss an opportunity to create some great Final Fantasy 16 merchandise when it launched last year, and for fans of the action-RPG, you can preorder a very nice collectible of the game’s main cast. Inspired by promotional artwork, this new statue from the Square Enix store features Clive Rosfield, his brother Joshua, Jill Warrick, and best boy Torgal during happier times. This statue will be released in July 2025 and is priced at $298.

Square Enix Store Final Fantasy 16 statue

In addition to recapturing the magic of that artwork, there are several really nice details on this statue. All the characters are beautifully painted, the rocks they’re gathered around are intricately sculpted, and translucent materials have been used to recreate the water around them. If you haven’t played it yet, Final Fantasy 16 is on sale for $44, and it’ll will be coming to PC in the future.

If that’s not enough Final Fantasy 16 for you, you can also check out the upcoming collectible action figures arriving soon. As part of the Bring Arts line, each figure has an impressive amount of articulation and detail, making them great for posing and displaying on your shelf. So far, you can get Clive, Torgal, and Jill alongside several of their allies and enemies, like Cid, Hugo, and Benedikta.

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