Orlando Bloom Didn’t Originally Audition For Legolas In The Lord Of The Rings

Orlando Bloom’s professional acting career started with a bang, as he landed the role of Legolas in Peter Jackson’s The Lord of the Rings series, a part he’s still best known for to this day. Bloom didn’t originally audition for Legolas, though. Instead, he first tried out for the role of Faramir.

Speaking to Variety, Bloom said it wasn’t until later in the casting process that he became associated with Legolas.

“I had auditioned to play Faramir. I think they were probably just sifting through London and all the cities around the world to try to find these characters. I guess I probably fit the blurb of Faramir at the time. But then I got a callback to put myself on tape initially for Legolas,” he said. “And I got another callback to meet Peter and Fran, who had come to London. And then I waited–I was at drama school. The rest is history.”

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