Pokemon Go: How To Evolve Poipole Into Naganadel

Pokemon Go‘s Season of Wonders is wrapping up soon, but not before a few more Ultra Beasts make their long-awaited debut. Three more mysterious Pokemon are set to arrive in the game as part of the upcoming Ultra Space Wonders event, including Poipole’s evolved form Naganadel.

As is the case with many other Pokemon in Pokemon Go, the method of evolving Poipole is a little different here than in the mainline Pokemon games, so here’s a full rundown on how to evolve Poipole into Naganadel.

How To Get Poipole

Unlike most other Ultra Beasts in Pokemon Go, Poipole is only obtainable through the World of Wonders Special Research story. Complete the first step of the questline and you’ll earn a chance to catch Poipole. You have until June 1 to claim the World of Wonders Special Research.

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