Power Rangers Co-op Beat ‘Em Up Game Revealed, Rita’s Rewind Coming This Year

One of the surprises coming out of the Summer Game Fest 2024 was the announcement of Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers: Rita’s Rewind. The reveal trailer showed gameplay and it’s a retro-inspired cooperative action beat ’em up mixed with some arcade-style shooter levels. It rocks some colorful pixel art to harken back to the 16-bit era. It’s being developed and published by Digital Eclipse.

Digital Eclipse says the game has “an original storyline that both respects and remixes Power Rangers lore with scenarios and gameplay that will be both familiar and new to [Power Rangers] fans. Players will brawl, blast, fight, and drive through a constantly shifting mix of classic game genres and fan-favorite moments from the series.”

The longtime villain Rita returns as a robot, and the team further described the story, saying “Robo-Rita has conjured a portal to send herself back in time so she can finally vanquish the Power Rangers by forming an alliance with her younger self. Working together, Robo-Rita and Rita Repulsa rewind, rewrite, and remix the past in an attempt to stop the very formation of the Power Rangers, altering the course of history.”

Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers: Rita’s Rewind is available to wishlist on Steam for PC and will also come to consoles (the platforms have not been specified). While it does not have a definitive release date yet, it is said to launch sometime late this year.


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