Preorder the Barbie Movie and More Barbie Gear

Greta Gerwig’s Barbie is a smash hit, and for very good reason. It’s an excellent, hilarious film that moviegoers of all ages can enjoy. We even gave the film a 9 in our review, stating that it’s “a masterful exploration of femininity and the pressures of perfection. […] Ultimately, Barbie is a new, bold, and very pink entry into the cinematic coming-of-age canon.”

And if you’ve been eager to know when preorders will open up so you can get your hands on the film, we have very good news for you. You can now preorder it on Blu-ray to add to your physical media collection. However, it’s still without a solid release date, but have no fear, it’ll be shipped right to your door when it does. Alongside that, we’ve got some other Barbie-related goodies in here that are worth picking up. Want to preorder Ken’s cozy ‘I Am Kenough’ hoodie? We’ve got you covered. Or, do you want to buy the film’s soundtrack to listen to Ryan Gosling belt out ‘I’m Just Ken’? You know you want to, and we’ve got that listed here as well. Come on, Barbies (and Kens!), dig into the items below, and let’s go party.

Where to Preorder the Barbie Movie

First things first: where can you preorder the Barbie movie? Right now, preorders for the Blu-ray are available on both Amazon and Best Buy’s websites, with release dates that are still to be determined. It’s available for $26.99 at both sites as well.

Buy Barbie The Album on Vinyl

Barbie’s album is full of excellent tracks. Not just Ryan Gosling’s big solo that was previously mentioned, but some very fun songs from Lizzo, Dua Lipa, HAIM, and plenty more as well. Right now you can buy a very pink vinyl or an Amazon Exclusive milky clear vinyl. Both are even on sale at the moment. The pink vinyl is marked down 25%, while the Amazon Exclusive milky clear vinyl is 5% off.

Preorder the ‘I Am Kenough’ Hoodie From Mattel

It’s true, you are Kenough. And in case you ever need a reminder, you should have this hoodie. This cute (and very fuzzy looking) hoodie runs for $60 and can be preordered from Mattel’s website. It states there that it’ll ship on or before September 29 of this year, so you won’t have to wait too long to get your hands on it. You can also buy a variety of other ‘I Am Kenough’ clothing items on Mattel’s website, which we’ve listed below:

Barbie The Movie “I Am Kenough” T-Shirt for $50Barbie The Movie “I Am Kenough” Hat for $30Barbie The Movie “I Am Kenough” Mug for $15

More Barbie Movie Clothing to Buy

If you’re really in the mood to deck our your closet, Mattel actually has a wide variety of clothing items available outside of the ‘I Am Kenough’ line for the Barbie movie. Want a simple pink Barbie hat? You can grab one for $35. Or do you want to show off your Ken-ergy with another fun hoodie? We’ve got a little something for you there, too.

Barbie Canvas Prints to Buy

Want to show off your love of Barbie on the walls of your living space? You can do so by picking up these cute canvas prints off of Mattel’s website for $40 each.

Pick Up a Pink Controller for a Barbie-Themed Gaming Setup

Even though the Barbie-themed Xbox Series S and interchangeable Xbox Wireless Controller faceplates, which were designed after Barbie and Ken’s outfits, are for a competition, you can still jump in on the Barbie fun with a Deep Pink Xbox controller or a Nova Pink PS5 controller.

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