Red Dead Redemption 1 heading to PC, new datamine suggests

After nearly 14 years of waiting, PC players might soon have a version of Rockstar’s open-world cowboy adventure Red Dead Redemption to call their own – if a new datamine proves accurate.

Red Dead Redemption – which follows former outlaw John Marston as he travels across the American West and Mexico – has remained doggedly console-only since its PS3 and Xbox 360 launch in 2010. But the game’s recent arrival on Switch and PlayStation had reignited hopes a long-overdue PC release might finally be on the cards – and a fresh discovery by a dataminer with some form when it comes to Rockster leaks suggests that is, indeed, the case.

As unearthed by Tez2 and shared on social media, Rockstar has today updated its PC launcher site file with new series of new “marketing strings”, which, as Tez2 notes, is “the same way Rockstar promotes GTAV”. The revealing bit of text here, not publicly visible on Rockstar’s launcher at present, is listed under the header “RDR_ProductPromotion_Intro_Body” and reads, “Journey across the sprawling American West and Mexico in Red Dead Redemption, and its zombie-horror companion, Undead Nightmare – now playable on PC.”

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