Star Wars Outlaws Creative Director Reveals Length Of The Game

During Ubisoft Forward, players got their best look yet at Star Wars Outlaws, the new open-world game that reminds us of an Uncharted title. The leading character, Kay Vess, can do a lot in the game including combat, stealth, and pilot flying vehicles. Now, Star Wars Outlaws creative director Julian Gerighty is letting gamers know how long they’ll be able to guide Kay’s adventure.

“Very, very early on, we decided this is going to be a 25, 30 hours golden path adventure,” Gerighty told Video Game Chronicle. “50 hours, 60 hours for completionists, and that is, for a guy with a family and a job, it’s still a fair amount of time… That allows us to really focus on the detail, it allows us to focus, maybe with a smaller team, on executing something that is manageable.”

While Gerighty stressed that the initial vision for the game is largely intact in the finished title, the team had to abandon playable scenes that called for Kay to swim.

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