Star Wars Outlaws Extended Gameplay Video Showcases A Stealthy Search For A Gunslinger

Star Wars Outlaws is coming very soon, and Ubisoft took a deep dive on the upcoming game during its Ubisoft Forward event. The lengthy gameplay demonstration showed Kay taking on a mission from start to finish, with commentary about how expansive the universe really is.

It starts with Kay setting a contract to look for an expert who can teach her a thing or two about gunslinging. It showed Kay exploring her ship, the Trailblazer, and heading to the cockpit before blasting into space. The transition from a hanger into space transitioned seamlessly into full control over her ship. She took down some enemy ships–which the commentary noted is part of this planet’s system and your ability to make some credits on the side–and then she jumped into hyperspace, reaching Hutt territory. Like the hanger transition, jumping into hyperspace looked as if it was a snappy way to load into a new environment.

The commentary noted that Kay’s reputation with the Hutts is not great, so she will have to be on her guard while exploring Mos Eisley. We then got a montage of Kay exploring the desert by speederbike, and scanning a fortress with her microbinoculars to tag targets. She grappled up to a quiet corner, trailed by her companion pet Nyx. She then proceeded to beat the ever-living poodoo out of everybody in stealth segments reminiscent of Assassin’s Creed games, but with less stabbing and more punching. She found some unexpected intel to pinpoint her target, but then she was suddenly discovered and so anyway, she started blasting. All that led her to the gunslinger she was looking for, who appeared to be on the run themself.

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