Starfield – Everything New In The June Update

During the Xbox Games Showcase on June 9, Bethesda announced a couple of content updates for Starfield. One of the announcements was a trailer for the upcoming expansion, Shattered Space, which is coming later in 2024. The other announcement was for a brand new update that dropped in the early morning hours of June 10. This surprise update has added a solid amount of content to Starfield, including a new feature, some fresh missions, and other mechanics.

If you want to find out everything that the June update delivered in Starfield, check out the list below.

Tracker Alliance Missions

The focal point of this update is around Bounties. One of the ways you can become a bounty hunter in Starfield is through the new Trackers Alliance missions. There are two fresh Trackers Alliance missions available following the update, and they’re called “The Starjacker” and “The Vulture.”

The Vulture quest is only available through the Creations menu, which holds another new feature in Starfield that arrived with the update. The Starjacker is available after downloading the update and it entails you traveling to different star systems to stay in contact with a mysterious Tracker. The goal of the mission is to eliminate bounties for this Tracker, earning currency and other rewards. There’s no telling how many more Trackers Alliance Missions could arrive in Starfield after this initial batch, but Bethesda said “several missions” are on the way.


Speaking of the Creations Menu, Creations are a new Starfield feature offering additional content. From cosmetics such as gear and skins to weapons to full-on quests, like The Vulture, you can access a flurry of developer-made and fan-made content. Players can create their own Creations, which can then be accessed by the community, or download content made by Bethesda. For those interested in making their own content, you need to download the Creation Kit for Starfield, a separate download via Steam.

Creations are available through the in-game Creations Menu in Starfield. However, some content in the menu isn’t immediately available to download for free. Some content requires you to use Creation Credits, which costs real-life money. Other content, which isn’t marked with a number in the menu, is free to download and just takes up some storage space. If you own the Premium Edition of Starfield, you’re gifted 1,000 Creation Credits right off the bat. We’ll have to wait and see what kind of content becomes available through the Creations Menu over time.

Bounty Mission Boards

Piggybacking off of the Trackers Alliance missions, you can also access the new Bounty Boards in Starfield following the update. Now in-game is a bounty scanner system that you can use to accept missions that target enemies with a bounty of them. From there, you can track them down and choose how to resolve their situation. This could be using stealth, brute force, or some clever and/or peaceful dialogue.

There’s also the Elite Trackers Alliance mission board, which features even tougher bounties that have been targeted by the Trackers Alliance. As a note, these aren’t full-on quests in Starfield, but they offer some decent rewards and could be a good way to see more of the Settled Systems.

Melee Weapon Improvements and Ammo Crafting

The final bit of new content in Starfield is general improvements and modifications to the melee weapons in-game. There are now melee weapon tiers, allowing you to see just how strong a weapon is as well as melee weapon mods in the crafting menu. The mods aren’t as far-reaching as weapon mods, but you can modify a melee weapon quite a bit with the new system. While melee weapons haven’t been completely overhauled, they are much more user-friendly to equip following the new update.

In addition to that, you can now finally craft ammo in Starfield. Research Stations allow you to research any type of ammo and then you can that newfound knowledge to an Industrial Workbench to actually craft the ammo. Of course, you’ll need materials to make the ammo, but no longer do you have to rely on vendors and pickpocketing to procure most of your ammunition in Starfield.

General Bug Fixes and Updates

The last part of the update isn’t nearly as exciting as the fresh content, but it’s important nonetheless. Bethesda has outlined numerous bugs and other quality-of-life problems that are now resolved. We won’t list everything that’s been fixed in the update, so you can see that in the official patch notes, but there are some solid changes that should make Starfield a more seamless experience.

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