Starfield – How To Find Adrastos In The Starjacker Mission

The June update in Starfield has delivered a plethora of new content to the Settled Systems. One major part of that content is the new Trackers Alliance missions, which can be completed after joining the bounty-hunting faction. The first mission you can accept for the Trackers Alliance is called The Starjacker, which involves you hunting down a criminal named Hannibal. However, in order to find Hannibal, you first need to locate a man named Adrastos, who supposedly knows where the criminal is hiding.

You are tasked with locating Adrastos using the new bounty hunter scanning system in Starfield. However, the NPC still isn’t easy to find even with the scanner, so look at the guide below to see where Adrastos is located.

Adrastos Location in Starfield

After going through the Trackers Alliance HQ and meeting with Agent No. 1, you and your new partner Roach set out to find Adrastos. Roach says the informant is wandering the streets of Akila City and tells you to use the bounty-scanner to identify the target. To use the bounty-scanner, simply press the normal keybind for your scanner that you would use when looking for resources on a planet. With the scanner out, hover over different people you see in the world.

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