Starfield’s June Update Adds New Missions, Bounty-Scanning, And Creation Kit, But No Vehicles

Following the release of Starfield‘s massive (but rather underwhelming) May update, Bethesda has just released version ​​1.12.30 of the game, known as the June update. Starfield’s June update includes a number of features, including new missions, a new bounty-scanning mechanic, and the introduction of the Starfield Creation Kit for all modders (it was previously released for modders hand-picked by Bethesda).

Sadly, it seems that land vehicles–which Bethesda confirmed are in development last month–still aren’t on the menu (yet). Regardless, the update includes quite a few changes, quality-of-life improvements, and, of course, a good number of bug-fixes.

The Starfield Creation Kit is now available to all modders, and can be downloaded on Steam. Players on all platforms can now access Creations, including unique new missions, gear, skins, and weapons, among other content. Creations can be accessed via the game’s menu, and Bethesda has a special surprise for certain players: Anyone who ordered the Premium Edition of Starfield will find that 1,000 Creation Credits have been added to their account, free of charge.

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