Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League Season 2 Delayed Just Two Days Before Launch

Rocksteady Studios is delaying the release date of Suicide Squad Season 2, days before the new content was set to go live.

Update: Task Force X, we’ll be adjusting the release timing for the next season, #SuicideSquadGame Season 2 will now launch on July 25. Thank you for your patience.

— Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League (@suicidesquadRS) July 9, 2024

In a post on X/Twitter, the official account for the game revealed that it was “adjusting the release timing” for the next season from July 11 to July 25. The second season of Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League will introduce Mrs. Freeze as a playable character, in addition to a new map, new weapons, and two “episodes” titled Frozen Hearts and Winter. It is the second of four seasons planned as post-launch content for the game following its release in late January.

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League’s second season receiving a delay comes as the game has struggled with player retention following its release earlier this year. At launch, the game was panned by critics and players.

Last month, Bloomberg spoke to multiple sources who revealed that the game had a troubled development cycle. The report alleges that Warner Bros. executives told staff at Rocksteady Studios that they expected Suicide Squad to become a billion-dollar franchise; after the game flopped, many members of the development team are reported to have shifted to development work on a director’s cut of Hogwarts Legacy.

Despite many of the staff at Rocksteady apparently moving onto another project, a WB spokesperson told IGN last month that it plans to complete its already announced post-launch roadmap. Though its future beyond a fourth season remains unclear.

In our review of Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League, which scored a 5 out of 10, my colleague Simon Cardy wrote: “Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League is a repetitive and bland looter-shooter that, despite an engaging story, never stays fun for long enough.”

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