Summer Game Fest 2024: All The Biggest Announcements

Summer Game Fest 2024 has arrived, which means lots of new reveals and updates for some of the most anticipated games today. Geoff Keighley’s spiritual successor to E3 has become a staple of the season in recent years, partly due to his team’s ability to involve projects that fans are eagerly awaiting. This year’s show is no different, with several updates and reveals on games that should appeal to a wide variety of players, whether your vibe is RPGs, survival-horror, indie gems, or many others.

In this gallery, we’ll break down all the major announcements as they unfold during the SGF stage presentation, so if you’re finding this as the show unfolds live, be sure to refresh the page frequently, as we’ll be adding more announcements as soon as they are shown from Keighley and friends.

Lego Horizon Adventures

After many rumors, the truth was revealed. Lego Horizon is real and coming to PS5, PC, and Switch later this year. It features the mainline series’ original lead actor, Ashley Burch, and–because it’s Lego–a hot dog man, too.

No More Room In Hell 2

The sequel to an under-the-radar Left 4 Dead-like game on PC, No More Room In Hell 2 is like Valve’s classic game with eight-player co-op and the difficulty tuned way up. Good luck!

Harry Potter Quidditch Champions

For those who want more Harry Potter games, here’s a sporty take on the franchise. Play quidditch like a pro with others online and seek glory on the (flying) pitch. Check out our story here for a release date reveal.


Made by a single person, Cuffbust is a cartoonish co-op prison break game coming soon. It’s like Shawshank Redemption meets Nickelodeon.

Star Wars Outlaws

Ubisoft’s huge Star Wars game is coming this year, and on Keighley’s stage, we got our latest look at the game. See for yourself as the trailer planet-hops to some familiar and maybe not-so-familiar locales.


This 2D adventure game comes from the team from the tear-jerking Gris, and looks like it’ll similarly boost tissue sales among its players.

Civilization VII

Civ 6 was rumored to be showing up, and the rumors were true. The series was revealed with a mood trailer that didn’t really focus on gameplay, but you probably know what to expect by now.

Methaphor: ReFantazio

Persona fans, take note. This game comes from the team that made the last several Persona games, and has similar art direction and gameplay. It’s likely going to be your next big thing. And it’s coming this October.

Batman: Arkham Shadow

The VR-exclusive continuation of the Batman Arkham series introduces a brand-new villain, The Rat King, who gets the bulk of the focus in this new trailer accompanied by a Smashing Pumpkins cover. Check out more here.

Tears of Metal

This historical fiction co-op hack-and-slash roguelite game offers a distinct art style, as seen in a trailer that features you cutting across your homeland to defend it from waves of enemies.

Delta Force: Hawk Ops

This co-op extraction shooter showed off some gameplay, but then followed that up with a surprise reveal of the forthcoming single-player campaign which actually recreates moments from the Ridley Scott movie, Black Hawk Down.

Fatal Fury: City of the Wolves

The Fatal Fury series is back with new fighters, showing off several such as the one pictured here, B. Jenet, who is destined to be a fan-favorite, one way or another. Find more coverage here.

Blumhouse Games sizzle reel

Blumhouse Games, one of the biggest names in modern horror movies, is getting into video games with several titles already shown off in a fast-moving sizzle reel from the SGF stage.

Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers: Rita’s Rewind

The Power Rangers are back with a retro-stylized beat-em-up that oddly sometimes goes into first-person.

Deer & Boy

This likely tearjerker focuses on the relationship between–you guessed it–a deer and a boy.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance 2

The previously announced sequel got a big trailer at SGF, showing off a mix of gameplay and story moments. The medieval RPG is coming this year.


Slitterhead got its first gameplay trailer today, and the results may surprise you. It’s not a survival-horror game, but check it out for yourself and see if what it is still intrigues you.

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