The Best Batman Graphic Novels To Read In 2024

There’s no shortage of Batman movies and TV series to watch these days, but you simply cannot beat the charm of a Dark Knight adventure in a printed format. From Batman’s early years on the streets of Gotham to gritty detective stories, the Caped Crusader has headlined some of the best stories set in the DC Universe.

However, with decades of history, it can be daunting to choose a single Batman graphic novel to read, so for this list, we’ve selected some timeless classics and modern-day masterpieces for you to consider picking up. As long as you know the basics of Batman, you can easily pick up any of the suggestions on this list and start reading.

Batman: Year One

Regarded as the definitive take on Batman’s first year in action, the surprisingly grounded story follows Batman’s first year in action that eventually cements his mythic status among the citizens of Gotham City. Year One is brought to life by Frank Miller’s sharp writing and David Mazzucchelli’s elegantly gritty artwork. The original mini-series was only four issues long, so this makes for a brisk read, but for extra insight into this groundbreaking tale, you won’t want to miss out on the deluxe Artist’s Edition coming out this year.

Batman: Year One (Standard Edition) — $10 ($15)Batman: Year One – Artist’s Edition (preorder) — $135 ($150)

Batman: The Dark Knight Returns

$16 ($20)

Where Batman: Year One gives readers a look into Bruce Wayne’s first days as the Caped Crusader, The Dark Knight Returns shows us the legendary vigilante’s latter years. Set years after Bruce Wayne has hung up his cape and cowl, The Dark Knight Returns sees Batman come out of retirement to face familiar foes and new enemies in a Gotham City that has only become more dangerous in his absence.

Batman: Court of Owls

$11 ($17)

More than a decade ago, DC hit the reboot key on its comic book empire. Dubbed the New 52, one of the standout titles in this ambitious initiative was Batman under Greg Capullo and Scott Snyder, and the duo came out swinging with their first storyline, The Court of Owls. Introducing a sinister new menace to the Batman mythos, this tale pushed the Dark Knight to his limits against a secret cabal of Gotham’s wealthiest families and their army of assassins known as Talons.

Batman: Knightfall

$21 ($30)

The ’90s saw some big changes to the Batman status quo, starting with an epic event where Batman was left broken spiritually and physically by a new nemesis on the block, Bane. Knightfall is all about Batman being pushed beyond the limits of human endurance a part of Bane’s masterplan, which sees the Caped Crusader is run through a gauntlet of his most famous arch-enemies after a mass breakout at Arkham Asylum. Knightfall is also notable for its powerful conclusion that set up an exciting new direction the Batman comics would follow for several years. Elements of the story also inspired Christopher Nolan’s third Batman movie, The Dark Knight Rises.

Batman: KnightQuest

$23 ($30)

KnightQuest follows the events of Knightfall. The run sees Jean-Paul Valley, a former agent of a deadly secret society, take on the mantle of Batman. The young vigilante adopts more brutal methods in his crusade against out-of-control supervillains and crimelords who now threaten Gotham City, and the series explores the effects this new Batman’s version of justice affects his own mental health.

Batman: KnightsEnd

$17 ($30)

KinghtsEnd is the third and final part of the arc that started with KnightFall. Bruce Wayne is back once again as Batman, but Gotham City has become a warzone under the watch of his replacement, Jean-Paul Valley. The storyline sees Wayne rebuild himself as Batman while Jean-Paul Valley takes his one-man war on crime to the extreme. Their conflicting methods eventually come to a head, and Gotham is caught in the crossfire of their inevitable face-off.

Batman: Gotham by Gaslight

$16 ($19)

Some of the best Batman stories are from DC’s Elseworlds line of alternate-reality tales, and Gotham by Gaslight is one of the most notable. Set in the Victorian Age, Gotham by Gaslight is an atmospheric one-shot focused on Batman’s hunt for Jack the Ripper. Brian Augustyn’s story is a tense and fast-paced tale of foul murder and paranoia, but it’s the Mike Mignola and P. Craig Russell art that make this alternate version of Batman so memorable.

Batman: No Man’s Land

Batman is known for having the most wonderful toys, but what happens when he finds himself cut off from his vast resources and gadgets? No Man’s Land saw a seismic shift in the world of Batman after Gotham was left devastated by a cataclysmic earthquake, essentially cutting it from the rest of the US and left to fend for itself. Gangs carved out new territories, a mysterious new Batgirl entered the scene, and supervillains preyed on the remaining populace, all while Batman and his allies battled to bring law and order to a lawless land. The series was another major inspiration for Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Rises, along with the KnightFall arc.

Batman: No Man’s Land Omnibus Volume 1 — $76 ($125)Batman: No Man’s Land Omnibus Volume 2 — $105 ($150)

Batman: The Long Halloween

$21 ($30)

The Long Halloween is a spooky tale centered around a version of Bruce Wayne who has some mileage as Batman under his utility belt but still has plenty to learn. With the Falcone crime family still a powerful force in Gotham and a serial killer on the loose committing calendar-based murders, it’s up to the Dark Knight to unravel this mystery as he faces off against several of his most iconic rogues.

Batman: Dark Victory

$20 ($25)

Picking up not too long after the events of The Long Halloween, Dark Victory once again featured the superstar team of Jeph Loeb and the late Tim Sale as they continued to put their creative stamp on Batman. This time, the tale focuses on Robin, his tragic origin story, and how he eventually becomes a trusted partner in Batman’s war on crime. The definitive tale of the Dynamic Duo, Dark Victory packs an emotional punch with its strong narrative and elegant art.

Batman and Robin by Grant Morrison

Bruce Wayne might be (temporarily) dead, but Gotham still has a Batman to help save the day in this fun series from Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely. Combining terrific art with a storyline focused on how former Robin Dick Grayson steps up to fill the void left behind by his mentor, Batman and Robin is an energetic thrill ride. It’s a blast of Silver Age influences mixed with Morrison’s trademark weirdness and Quitely’s attention-grabbing illustrations.

Batman and Robin Volume 1 — $13 ($20)Batman and Robin Volume 2 — $40Batman and Robin Volume 3 — $19

Batman: Earth One

$23 ($40)

If you enjoyed 2022’s The Batman starring Robert Pattinson, then Batman: Earth One will appeal to you. Another grounded take on Batman, Earth One is an alternate-reality take on the vigilante that strips him to his core. There aren’t decades of continuity to worry about here, just an angry young man establishing himself as Batman through trial and error in an intense tale of revenge and justice.

Batman: Hush

$17 ($30)

Across a single year and 12 issues, Jim Lee and Jeph Loeb set a new template for Batman that is still relevant today. Elegant writing and bombastic art helped tell a year-long story of Batman pursuing a new nemesis who held a personal grudge against him, and by the time the dust settles, neither man will leave this conflict unscathed.

Batman: Under the Red Hood

Under the Red Hood takes place in the aftermath of the Hush storyline. Centered around a new incarnation of the Red Hood who was waging a devastating war on crime, this new vigilante grabs Batman’s attention with his lethal methods of keeping gangs in check. The two eventually face off, and with the wildcard of the Joker in the mix, this clash between Batman and a darker reflection of what he could become ends on a surprising twist.

Batman: Gothic

One of the creepiest Batman stories, Gothic starts off with Gotham’s biggest mobsters begging the Dark Knight for help after a mysterious figure begins hunting them down and murdering them. Batman agrees to help, and it’s not long before he discovers a link between the murders and his own past.

Batman: Year 100


While Batman Beyond introduced a future version Caped Crusader on TV, this collection of the 2006 mini-series is something completely different. Featuring a descendant of Bruce Wayne who adopts the mantle of the bat, Batman: Year 100 remixes familiar ideas and characters with jaw-dropping art from Paul Pope and Jose Villarrubia.

Batman: White Knight

$12 ($20)

Is Batman just as much of a destructive force in Gotham as the supervillains he pursues every night? That’s one of the questions Batman: White Knight tackles, as creator Sean Gordon Murphy flips the traditional Batman script on its head with a bold take on the vigilante. Seemingly out of control, the only person who stands a chance against him is the Joker, now reformed, cured of mental instability, and hellbent on saving Gotham from its “real” enemy.

Batman: Last Knight on Earth

$23 ($30)

Batman: Last Knight on Earth is a fantastic post-apocalyptic mystery, one in which Bruce Wayne awakens in Arkham Asylum and discovers he never was Batman. Or was he? That’s the riddle of this tale from Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo, as Wayne travels through a devastated DC landscape–all while pestered by the chattering disembodied head of the Joker–and looks for answers in a broken world.

Batman: One Dark Night

$16 ($20)

If you’ve ever wondered what kind of superhero would Batman be without his gadgets, then Batman: One Dark Knight has your answer. The book begins with our hero beaten, bloodied, and standed in the heart of Gotham’s gangland without his trademark toys. The rest of the story sees Batman fight his way through Gotham’s most dangerous territories, reminding anyone who stands in his way that he’s still a force to be reckoned with, even without his gear.

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