The New Apple Pencil Pro Sounds Really Cool, But It Has Limited Compatibility

Exciting new Apple hardware is arriving on May 15, and for creatives looking to upgrade, the Apple Pencil Pro looks like a fun new tool to create some art with. Like previous versions, the Apple Pencil Pro is a stylus that can be used to take notes, play games, and illustrate. For this model, it can sense when it’s being squeezed and will bring up new tool palettes to help you quickly switch between functions like line weights and colors. All of this sounds quite cool, but the new Apple Pencil Pro, which is up for preorder for $129 at Amazon and Best Buy, will only work on the new iPads. There is some good news for iPad owners who don’t want to upgrade just yet: You can get nice discounts on the “old” Apple Pencils.

Apple Pencil deals

Make sure to confirm compatibility with your iPad model before you buy. Supported devices are on each Amazon listing.

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