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Sundays are for finishing up Godzilla Minus One now its on Netflix. I’m not shilling Netflix here, but I am happy to shill Godzilla. Before I shout “It’s Godzilla! That’s Godzilla! It’s him!” every time Godzilla is on screen, let’s read this week’s best writing about games (and game related things!)

For Places Journal, Shannon Mattern wrote about ‘Cardboard Media And The Geographic Imagination’.

Nieland describes the “visual idiom” of CCA publications as “free of topographic detail, in keeping with [the] modernist grammar” of Bayer’s atlas, an abstract design language that concealed the violence of colonial extraction and uneven development. Exceptions prove the rule. In ads that show the slash pines grown in the southern United States, we are reminded that kraft pulp processes use tremendous amounts of water and release toxins. And as Robin Lynch notes, in some of the United Nations ads, we see landscapes ripe for extraction — lands that were in fact deforested by the CCA, which cut down tropical rainforests in South America to grow pine and eucalyptus for paperboard. (Similar colonial operations are hiding today behind the flatness and false cheer of Amazon’s smarrow.)

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