Tim Robinson Basically Did An I Think You Should Leave Sketch To Reveal Skate’s Story

If you were hoping that Summer Games Fest 2024 would have a substantial update on the status of Skate, then you may have been disappointed. Only a brief glimpse at the fourth game in the series was shown to fans. However, EA and Full Circle did surprise gamers with a new Skate promo that features I Think You Should Leave star and skateboard enthusiast Tim Robinson in a comedy skit that captures the flavor of his Netflix series.

In the sketch, Robinson plays Richie Dandle, an executive at M-Corp. The company has apparently rebranded with a friendlier name than its previous incarnation as MongoCorp in the earlier Skate games. Throughout the video, Richie attempts to convince the viewers that there’s nothing to the rumors that M-Corp has abandoned San Vansterdam, even as his co-workers desperately attempt to destroy evidence before they flee the office.

It’s only in the last 30 seconds of the video that “pre-pre alpha” footage of Skate shows players turning the entire city of San Vansterdam into a giant skate park. The clip also suggests that it may be possible to add customized touches to the city landscape in addition to the usual round of skateboarding tricks.

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