Watch Devs Intentionally Break Their Games By Multiplying A Number By 1,000

The game developers of X {formerly Twitter) have been purposefully introducing glitches into their games this week, just to see what would happen–and the results are hilarious. Challenged with multiplying a random value from their game files by 1,000, multiple game devs have posted varied results including giant enemies, floods of spawned items, and super-powerful attacks.

The trend was started by developer Tyler Glaiel, who is currently working on Mewgenics. Glaiel shared a GIF that showed the game with massively increased gore splatter, and then challenged other developers to post similar results from their own games in development.

It’s not uncommon for these kinds of bugs to happen unintentionally during game development, when a developer accidentally enters one too many or too few zeros in a data field, but making them happen on purpose can be just as fun.

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