Xbox unveils swirly green Nocturnal Vapor special edition controller

Microsoft continues to pump out the special edition Xbox controllers with wild abandon, and its latest offering is a new addition to its now three-strong Vapor line-up, arriving in the form of the swirly green and slightly darker green Nocturnal Vapor controller.

Nocturnal Vapor, as well as sounding like a euphemism for a fart, is said to be inspired by nature at night. “Every colour swirl is an expression of that expansive landscape,” says Microsoft of the new controller over in its announcement post, “with a design that’s unique to each controller – each with its own energy and pattern.”

As with the company’s previous Vapor range controllers – Stormcloud Vapor and Dream Vapor being the other two – Nocturnal Vapor features a “dynamic smoky design”, here blending dark and light green. “Feel the allure of the rubberised, green diamond-pattern grips on the back case,” continues the official blurb, “elevating your experience with a touch of sophistication.”

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