Zelda Movie Director Stays As Quiet As Link About His Favorite Game In The Series

Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes director Wes Ball apparently doesn’t want to give anything away about The Legend of Zelda movie. In fact, he’s staying as mysterious as the Sheikah about what his favorite video game is in the long-running series.

IGN asked the filmmaker on X (formerly known as Twitter) about his preferred Zelda title. Ball raised an eyebrow at the question, before deciding to stay mum on the subject. “I better not say,” the director said with a big smile.

Wes Ball, the director of the live action Zelda movie, on his favorite Zelda game: pic.twitter.com/g2bjToy0Ph

— IGN (@IGN) May 9, 2024

While Ball clearly is choosing to not disclose an answer–and possibly have fans read too much into his answer–others on social media took the response as a signal he’s never played any Legend of Zelda game. So, the filmmaker replied on the IGN post, saying: “Relax guys,” Ball wrote. “I’m one of you. I’ve just learned from a wise man; when it comes to Zelda, best to say nothing as things just get misinterpreted.”

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