2K Is Reportedly Remaking A Game, And Fans Are Filling In The Blanks

It looks like 2K is remaking one of its games, but we don’t know any more details about what the game could possibly be. Fans are taking guesses at what they want to see, with names like BioShock, The Darkness, and Spec Ops: The Line popping up.

According to the LinkedIn page of a 2K 3D artist (found by MP1st), 2K is working on an upcoming unannounced remake. However, the mention of the remake has since been removed, as well as any mention of a canceled project by Supermassive Games, called “Erebus.” Some other projects that are listed in the profile are upcoming Mafia and BioShock games.

One possible remake candidate is the first BioShock, as that could drive future interest in the upcoming BioShock game. The first two BioShock games did get remasters for PS4 and Xbox One, but BioShock Infinite didn’t. Fortunately, it’s backward compatible on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S.

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