Elden Ring Climbed The Most-Played Game Charts The Last Week Of June

Data analysis and research firm Cyrena has once again posted the top ten most played games across Steam, PS5, and Xbox Series X|S. This time the data is from the week ending June 29, nearly wrapping up the first summer month. Executive director and video game industry advisor Mat Piscatella posted the charts on Twitter/X.

Elden Ring is still ascendent, jumping up two spots to 6th place on PlayStation and three spots to 7th place on Xbox. It remains on the top spot on Steam. The usually stagnant top of the charts saw one minor shake-up this week. On Xbox Series X|S, Fortnite took the top spot from Call Of Duty, though the military shooter still holds #1 position on PlayStation. Steam had the most dramatic changes, as 7 Days to Die jumped up from the 52rd spot to 9th place and Chained Together leapt from 18th to 6th.

This is not to imply that the charts have too much other than the regular suspects. The PlayStation chart stayed largely the same from the week before, as none of the top five games moved positions. Xbox’s top ten had no new titles break in, only some position swaps. Steam’s top five was also familiar; the only change from the prior week was that Destiny 2 and Helldivers II swapped places.

PS5 – No. 10: WWE 2K24

PS5 – No. 9: Destiny 2

PS5 – No. 8: Minecraft

PS5 – No. 7: Madden NFL 24

PS5 – No. 6: Elden Ring

PS5 – No. 5: Roblox

PS5 – No. 4: NBA 2K24

PS5 – No. 3: Grand Theft Auto V

PS5 – No. 2: Fortnite

PS5 – No. 1: Call of Duty HQ

Xbox Series X|S – No. 10: Destiny 2

Xbox Series X|S – No. 9: Madden NFL 24

Xbox Series X|S – No. 8: Rainbow Six: Siege

Xbox Series X|S – No. 7: Elden Ring

Xbox Series X|S – No. 6: NBA 2K24

Xbox Series X|S – No. 5: Minecraft

Xbox Series X|S – No. 4: Roblox

Xbox Series X|S – No. 3: Grand Theft Auto V

Xbox Series X|S – No. 2: Call of Duty HQ

Xbox Series X|S – No. 1: Fortnite

Steam – No. 10: Dota 2

Steam – No. 9: 7 Days to Die

Steam – No. 8: Baldur’s Gate III

Steam – No. 7: Dark and Darker

Steam – No. 6: Chained Together

Steam – No. 5: Rocket League

Steam – No. 4: Helldivers II

Steam – No. 3: Destiny 2

Steam – No. 2: Counter-Strike 2

Steam – No. 1: Elden Ring

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