Arma’s Tiny Wars April Fools’ Joke Is Now A Reality Thanks To A Mod

Bohemia Interactive’s April Fools’ joke for its shooter Arma Reforger has become a reality. Players can now use a new mod called Tiny Wars that transforms the map and soldiers into little green and red army men fighting in a living room.

Tiny Wars was announced yesterday, April 1. Because it was April Fools’ Day, the majority of players shrugged it off as a joke. But players can now relive their childhood memories in Arma Reforger by visiting Workshop or by logging on to official servers that Bohemia Interactive will host until April 9.

In Tiny Wars, players will be able to participate in Capture & Hold, a game in which the green and red soldiers fight one another to control specific points in a living room. Tiny Wars will also be making a slight adjustment to the game. In this mode, fall damage is turned off, and various launch pads will be placed throughout the map, making it easier to get from A to B.

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