Here’s What’s Happening With Halo Infinite’s Latest Yappening

Halo Infinite has officially started its third operation of the year. Like the Cyber Showdown III Operation 343 Industries is leaning toward flashy cosmetics rather than traditional armor like that we’ve seen in past games. Unlike last year’s Yappening event this one will be heavily inspired by the grunts and their aesthetic, and just like other premium passes in Halo, this one will never expire so you don’t need to worry about completing it before the next operation comes out.

The Yappening II will be automatically claimed once you log into the game. Similar to the last Operation, The Yappening II also introduces new content, with the first being a new arena map called Corrosion that’ll come out later in this Operation. On top of that, there’ll also be a new playable mode called Gruntpocalypse, in which Spartans will load into a multiplayer map and have to survive against large waves of Grunts.

Per the Halo Infinite tradition, you won’t need to spend any real-world money to participate in the Yappening II since the Operation is free. But you can still spend credits, Halo Infinite’s premium currency, to level up and unlock exclusive items. Those who spend 500 credits will unlock the Glibnub’s Golden Guns weapon coating. In addition, those who spend 2,000 credits will unlock everything immediately, as well as the weapon coating.

Below is an image gallery featuring a closer look at everything you can unlock in the Halo Infinite Operation Yappening II.

Glibnub’s Golden Gun

Loud Noises

XP Boost

Zeta Radio

Turf War


XP Boost

Truth Tines



Ghost Fleet

XP Boost

Redsteel Vambrace

Insurance Plate

UA/Double Guard

Abundant Growth

XP Boost

Buwan Depths

Glibnub Special

Load Bearing Shoulder – Left

Load Bearing Shoulder – Right


Tines Of Respect

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