Destiny 2’s Next Year Of Weapons And Armor Revealed

It’s the start of Year 10 in Destiny 2, and following the climactic events of The Final Shape expansion, the Salvation’s Edge raid, and the Excision mission, players are looking to the future of Destiny 2 in the wake of the Light and Darkness saga. New challenges lie beyond the Sol system, old foes are up to their usual tricks, and most importantly, there’s going to be some fantastic loot to collect to help you look your best for the next decade of Destiny.

In a short video, Bungie teased some of its killer fashion and imaginative weapon designs that’ll appear in its first trilogy of Episodes. Episode: Echoes, which begins on June 11, will see players travel to Nessus to deal with the Vex, who have begun acting erratically. We already know that the armor sets for this season mix vibrant colors with helmets that look like they can be used to perform Mortal Kombat fatalities, but beyond that, Episodes 2 and 3 will see some spooky new designs debut. These are works in progress and designs are subject to change, but so far, the upcoming Destiny 2 armor pieces look very cool.

Episode: Revenant introduces the concept of space-vampires with a Destiny twist, as players take on the role of a Slayer Baron. A concept from Eliksni culture, Slayer Barons were renowned monster hunters, and fittingly, Guardians will be dressed to impress with a selection of armor that has a distinct vampire hunter fantasy element. Warlocks look like they’ve stepped out of a Hellraiser movie with their unique armor pieces, while Titans look like they raided Van Helsing’s wardrobe for a fancy hat.

In Episode: Heresy, the focus is back on the Hive as players return to Oryx’s Dreadnought. The Hive have a very distinct design, and the armor sets for this episode will reflect those themes with bony influences and Eldritch horror. These Hive Ship Navigator armor pieces look like they’d fit right in at an HR Giger exhibit, as players look like walking bioweapons with these pieces equipped. This will be one of two armor sets available, with the second being directly inspired by Eris Morn. If you’ve ever wanted to represent the legendary Hunter, these pieces will help you hammer home that point.

Episode: Echo Untethered Edge Armor Set

These particular pieces of armor will be unlocked during Episode: Echoes. Just don’t stand too close to the Warlock, or you could lose your head when they turn around while wearing that massive helmet.

Episode: Revenant Warlock Armor

This Slayer Baron outfit looks like it was stolen from a Scorn’s wardrobe, and it looks incredibly metal.

Episode: Revenant shotgun

Episode: Revenant Hunter armor

Hunters look like they’re ready to visit Old Yharnam, with this Bloodborne-inspired outfit.

The stakes have never been higher (in terms of velocity)

Modern space-vampire problems require modern solutions, and it doesn’t get better than a stake-firing gun.

Episode: Revenant Titan armor

The best Van Helsing–Hugh Jackman–will be proud to see that fancy hats have never gone out of style, even in the far-flung future.

Episode: Heresy fusion rifle

These weapons are designed to look like they’re peeling apart, revealing grotesque designs beneath their metallic frames/

Episode: Heresy glaive

Episode: Heresy Hive Navigator armor

What if a Guardian was the navigator of Oryx’s Dreadnaught? You’d get creepy armor like this, that makes your Titan look like the captain of the Taken King’s flagship.

Episode: Heresy Hunter armor

Episode: Heresy Warlock armor

Episode: Heresy Eris Morn-inspired armor sets

Episode: Heresy Eris Morn-inspired Titan armor

Episode: Heresy Eris Morn-inspired Warlock armor

Episode: Heresy Eris Morn-inspired Hunter armor

Episode: Heresy linear fusion rifle

Episode: Heresy combat bow and fusion rifle

Episode: Heresy sidearm

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