Destiny 2’s Post-Final Shape Future Includes The Dreadnaught And A Tease Of Codename Frontiers

With the world-first raid race finished and the final Excision mission bringing The Final Shape‘s campaign to an end, Destiny 2 has officially reached the conclusion of the “Light and Darkness Saga,” the story of staving off a second apocalypse developer Bungie has been telling since 2014. Knowing that that story arc was wrapping up has left the future of the game a little hazy, but we now have a clearer idea of what the next year will look like for Destiny 2, as well as a tease of where things are headed in 2025.

Bungie laid out the details of the rest of the year’s Destiny 2 content, divided into three big story arcs called Episodes, in a short new vidoc called The Journey Ahead. Mostly, it fills in some story and gameplay details about what each of those episodes will entail, because up until now, we only knew their names and the structure of how Bungie was arranging content going forward.

Episode 1: Echoes

The first episode, Echoes, starts Tuesday, June 11, and deals directly with the aftermath of The Final Shape’s conclusion. The Witness, Destiny 2’s ultimate antagonist up until now, is defeated, but the paracausal energy it embodied isn’t gone. Instead, it mixed with the Light of the Traveler to manifest weird artifacts from the Witness’s memory, shooting them out into the solar system. The episodes all deal with the fallout of what those sources of power to do the worlds where they land and the people who find them, with the first one resulting in major shifts to Nessus.

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