Dragon Age: The Veilguard Rights Inquisition’s Greatest Sin

After 10 years, BioWare is finally letting you kiss Lace Harding, the dwarven scout who acts as your initial eyes and ears whenever your character uncovers a new area in Dragon Age: Inquisition. Though you can flirt with her numerous times and establish a strong rapport with Harding, she is not a romantic option in Inquisition–she’s not even an official companion. That all changes in Dragon Age: The Veilguard–previously titled Dreadwolf–as Harding is not only one of the seven recruitable companions in the game, but she’s a romance option, too.

Harding is, without a doubt, one of the best parts about Inquisition. Sarcastic and playful, she’s willing to trade a few verbal barbs with the Inquisitor if the two establish a bond, and she’s a bright and shining spot even during Inquisition’s darkest moments, sticking with you and the Inquisition no matter where you choose to go. Fans have been pining for the cute dwarf ever since Inquisition launched in 2014, and I’ve often wished she could have had a larger part to play in Dragon Age’s story. So I was pleasantly surprised to learn that she’ll be a major player in the fourth Dragon Age game.

At Summer Game Fest, I got to see the opening hour of The Veilguard played by game director Corrine Busche, who answered many of my questions about the upcoming RPG, including how romance would play a part in it. Unlike previous Dragon Age games, which included romantic partners of various sexualities and ancestral preferences, all of the companions in The Veilguard are bisexual and don’t seem to have any racial preferences–you can smooch them regardless of who your character, Rook, is–so long as you raise your relationship status high enough.

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