Starfield – How To Complete The Vulture Mission

The new Trackers Alliance in Starfield allows you to live out your bounty-hunting dreams across the Settled Systems. The first Trackers Alliance mission is called “The Starjacker,” and it can be completed by any player. However, the second mission for the faction is called “The Vulture,” and you’ll have to fork over some currency to access it.

The Vulture is a part of the new Creations content in Starfield, which are essentially paid mods. This particular quest was developed by Bethesda and costs 700 Creation Credits to access. Premium Edition members have 1,000 free credits after downloading the June update in Starfield while everyone else has to pay real money for the credits. Regardless of how you access The Vulture, you might need a guide to get through the quest. You can see a complete walkthrough of the quest below.

Starting The Vulture mission

As previously mentioned, you can only begin The Vulture mission for the Trackers Alliance after purchasing the quest from the Creations Menu in Starfield. Once you purchase the quest, it’ll download and you can access it in-game.

If you purchased access to The Vulture, you’ll have to first join the Trackers Alliance. This involves going to Cydonia on Mars, meeting with the Mysterious Tracker NPC outside the entrance to the city, and then traveling to Akila City to enter the faction’s headquarters. At the HQ, you can speak to Agent No. 1, who lets you go on a trial run to see if you’d be a good fit for the alliance. After Agent No. 1 is done with their spiel, you can take a bounty from the board in the room. One of the bounties is for the Starjacker while the other is for the Vulture. Naturally, you want to select the bounty for the Vulture, which begins the quest.

Investigating The Vulture’s last known location

When you accept the bounty for the Vulture, the mission log tells you to visit the planet Sumati in the Narion system. This is a quick westward jump from the Cheyenne system. On Sumati, you can land at a Military Outpost that’s right near the quest marker indicating where the Vulture was last seen.

After exiting your ship, head to the quest marker to find a disheveled NPC sitting at a table on a platform. You can join the NPC in the opposite chair and start a conversation with them. It turns out, that the NPC is the last agent the government sent after the Vulture, and it’s clear the agent is on their last legs. The agent also tells you the Vulture is watching both of you right now. Shortly after this, the agent gets shot in the back of the head and the Vulture communicates to you through a radio. Following some dialogue, an ambush is thrust upon you.

Surviving the ambush and looting the operation orders

The ambush consists of roughly six or seven Vulture Mercenaries shooting at you from a few different directions. Their levels vary from 14-36 and they all have long-range energy weapons. I recommend dealing with one group of enemies at a time, that way you know exactly what direction you have left to deal with. In my case, one enemy tried running away, so I had to chase after them for the ambush to be complete.

After the ambush is done, you have to look for the enemy called the “Vulture Mercenary Sergeant.” This happened to be the enemy that ran away from me, but your experience may differ. On this enemy’s body, loot the “Operation Orders” note and read it from your inventory. The orders state that the mercenaries were supposed to meet back with the rest of their team at a cave to the north after the ambush, which is where you need to go next.

Learning about The Vulture

The cave is roughly 200-300 meters away from the ambush site, so you’ll have to head there on foot. There are two enemies outside the cave you have to dispatch. Once they’re dealt with, head inside the cave and kill the remaining enemies. You’ll have to kill around 10 enemies inside before you’re able to progress the quest.

After the enemies are dusted, follow your quest marker to a computer and interact with it. Open the “Paxton’s Vulture” file in the Operator Records section of the computer. This tells you the Vulture’s real name, Cephas Hughes, and that they have outside support from the Crimson Fleet. Your next step is to visit the Trackers Alliance’s information robot so you can learn more about the Vulture. You can also visit the Crimson Fleet if you’re a part of that faction in Starfield, but the two routes lead to the same place in the end.

Talking to KoiOS

The Trackers Alliance information robot is named KoiOS, and you can find it in the basement lounge of the Trackers Alliance HQ. After reading the Paxton’s Vulture file on the computer in the cave, a new quest marker appears leading you to this location. You can get to the basement lounge using a door in the back right of the HQ’s main room. Speaking to KoiOS shows records that Cephas Hughes has checked into a room at the Paradiso hotel, your next stop.

Finding The Vulture’s Room in Paradiso

Paradiso is a resort located on Porrima II in the Porrima system. Once you land at Paradiso, head to the front lobby and then get in the elevator toward the back of the area. Go to the “3rd Floor Guest Rooms” and enter Room 303, as seen in the screenshot above. The room will be closed but you can open it with no resistance. Inside the room, go to the dresser facing the window and look on top of it for the “Recon Report” item. This is a small white tablet next to the locked weapons case. Read the Recon Report to learn the Vulture already knew you were coming here, which triggers yet another ambush.

The ambush sees three high-level enemies attack you from the hotel hallway. Defeat them all and then head back down the elevator to the lobby. Exit the lobby to head back to your ship, where you’ll find the Vulture aiming at you with their sniper from the cliffs overhead.

Confronting The Vulture

The Vulture is located at the satellite tower on the cliffs that overlook the resort. Go up the path to the left after exiting the resort and make your way over the rocks to the Vulture’s location. Once you reach the top, fire your weapon at the Vulture until all of their health has been whittled down.

At this point, the Vulture is bent over on the ground and you can speak with them. You have the option to kill them right then and there or persuade them to turn themselves into the Trackers Alliance. If you decide to persuade the Vulture, they will go quietly. Either way, after the conversation ends, the quest is complete.

Rewards for completing The Vulture

The rewards for completing The Vulture mission are as follows:

25,000 CreditsCalibrated Arboron Novastrike SniperVulture DustwearVulture Veteran Duelwear (Helmet)

The sniper specifically is a terrific reward, but the entire ensemble looks pretty snazzy.

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