Lego Fortnite Is Adding New Difficulty Options Soon

Epic recently announced that it will add difficulty settings to its survival game, Lego Fortnite, with the v30.10 update later this week, on Thursday, June 13.

The v30.10 update will introduce Cozy and Expert mode. As the names suggest, each of these modes accommodate very different playstyles. As detailed by a Fortnite blog post, Cozy mode is primarily meant for those who are new to survival games and aren’t looking for too much of a challenge.

Meanwhile, Expert mode will be catered to those looking for more of a challenge. In this mode, Storm-Wild creatures will do more damage, receive more health, and move faster than normal enemies. In addition to storm enemies receiving a buff, permadeath will be enabled in Expert mode. But if they have a Totem of Return equipped, they’ll spawn back at their bed with their backpack.

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