Lego Fortnite is sprucing up its survival with a laidback Cozy Mode and permadeath Expert Mode

Epic Games is readying a new Lego Fortnite update, set to arrive on 13th June, that’ll expand the brick-based survival mode with two new difficulty settings catering to polar opposite tastes.

First up is Lego Fortnite’s new Cozy Mode, designed to offer a laidback experience somewhere between the peril-free japes of Sandbox Mode and the standard-difficulty Survival Mode. Cozy Mode’s default settings give players a smattering of combat to keep them on their toes, but with enemies set to easy and all survival meters – hunger, temperature, and stamina – disabled.

“Whether you’re a beginner survivor or a builder who likes a little bit of thrill,” Epic explains on its website, “Cozy mode’s up your alley! Create a world and get greeted by Slumber, a friendly face who’ll guide you through your journey step-by-step.”

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