The Acolyte Episode 3 Has A Troubling Story Connection To The Star Wars Movies

The latest Disney+ Star Wars series, The Acolyte, has drawn raves from critics (including me!) and fans alike, and there’s one thing that kinda binds those of us who enjoy it: That it’s completely apart from the rest of the franchise because it takes place 100 years before the movies. The Star Wars franchise has so often made the galaxy feel very small, and this appears to be a nice break from that. But I’m very concerned that that’s about to change, based on a key piece of info we got during this week’s third episode, which told most of the story of how Mae and Osha were separated when they were kids.

Warning: This article will discuss some major spoilers from Episode 3 of The Acolyte.

This week’s episode reveals that the twins were raised in an all-female coven of Force witches who had been exiled from an unknown place and were living off the grid on a supposedly otherwise uninhabited planet outside of Republic space. Their mother is a zabrak called Mother Coral, and the clan is led by a human called Mother Aniseya–given those titles, and the presence of a zabrak, these are likely a sect of the Witches of Dathomir, who played a key role last year in Ahsoka, but this is never made explicit.

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