New Dragon Age: The Veilguard Trailer Shows Off Stylish Combat, Hard Choices, And Unique Art Direction

After revealing the cinematic trailer for Dragon Age: The Veilguard at the Xbox Showcase, BioWare has given Dragon Age fans another look at the latest addition to the series, this time via a new gameplay trailer.

The trailer features an extended gameplay sequence from an early-game quest that sees the custom-made player-character (who goes by Rook, in this instance) meeting up with some familiar faces as he tries to stop Solas from completing a ritual that will rip open the Veil. If Solas is successful, untold havoc will be wrought on the inhabitants of Thedas.

Teaming up with everyone’s favorite dwarven archer, Varric, lovable former Inquisition scout Harding, and Minrathous’ resident mage-slash-detective, Neve Gallus, Rook hacks-and-slashes his way through the various demons that have begun slipping through the Veil. At a glance, Veilguard’s third-person combat looks smooth and satisfying, and gives players the choice to attack in real-time or pull up a combat wheel, pausing time while they decide which power they want to make use of. Players can choose to be a rogue, a mage, or a warrior, and each class has its own skill tree featuring useful perks and combat abilities.

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