New Stardew Valley Cookbook By ConcernedApe Gets Huge Discount At Amazon

If you were to ask a group of gamers which video game world they want to live in, many would probably say Stardew Valley. Its relaxing farm sim gameplay and charming NPCs make it easy to rack up huge playtime counts. And with The Official Stardew Valley Cookbook, which released in May, fans can now recreate a part of the Stardew Valley experience in real life. The fittingly adorable hardcover book is on sale for $19.58 (was $28), which is 30% off list price.

Not only is it an official piece of Stardew Valley merch, but Eric Barone–aka “ConcernedApe,” the solo developer behind Stardew Valley–co-authored the cookbook along with Ryan Novak, who also wrote the Stardew Valley Guidebook and Hollow Knight Wanderer’s Journal.

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