Starfield’s Massive May Update Is Finally Here, Check Out The Patch Notes

Starfield‘s biggest update since launch is finally here, bringing loads of new quality-of-life features to the game, from new visual performance settings to the ability to tweak combat difficulty and ship cargo space.

First announced earlier this month, Starfield’s May Update (as Bethesda calls it) includes new ways for players to tweak the game to their liking. Players who are struggling with interstellar dogfights but finding ground combat too easy can now tweak those combat difficulty settings individually, making space combat easier and ground combat harder, or vice versa. Additionally, players who find the “Very Hard” difficulty level too easy and are hungry for a more intense combat experience can try out the new “Extreme” difficulty mode instead, which promises a high-octane challenge.

The May Update also includes new performance options for players who are exploring the stars via an Xbox Series X. Series X can now choose between 30fps 40fps, 60fps, or an uncapped frame rate, provided they have a Variable Refresh Rate (VRR) display running 120hz. But all is not lost for those without a VRR display–players with lower-quality displayers will still be able to select either 30fps or 60fps, and all Series X players now have access to a setting that allows them to prioritize visual performance over gameplay performance, and vice versa. A large number of bugs–especially those affecting the game’s many quests–have also been addressed via the new update.

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