The Outlast Trials Is Getting A Huge Update With A Horrifying New Villain

After hosting several smaller events earlier this year, The Outlast Trials is getting its first major post-launch update. Project Lupara is a free update coming on July 16 that adds a new roguelite mode, as well as a new map, missions, abilities, cosmetics, and another villain at the center of it all, who is likely to become as haunting as Mother Gooseberry and Sergeant Coyle. Several quality-of-life changes are coming with the patch, too. Here’s everything you need to know about The Outlast Trials’ Project Lupara.

New villain, map, and missions

The centerpiece of the update is Franco “Il Bambino” Barbi, the son of a New Orleans mob boss, with proclivities as disquieting and deranged as this series has become known for. Red Barrels studio has gone and given the “infantilized” Il Bambino a shotgun, which makes for a unique threat that the other melee-focused Big Bads of the game don’t have.

Tying into the mobster via the game’s story, the new Docks map will host a new Trial (main mission), as well as several MK-Challenges (shorter side missions). The game’s final mission has also been given a makeover. It remains a solo experience, but now escalates in difficulty as you continue to release Reagents (player characters) into the world–essentially Prestiging your character. A new ending can be seen when you manage to escape, too.

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