Wuthering Waves Interactive Map is Now Available

IGN’s Wuthering Waves map is here! Our interactive map tracks every collectible across the world of Solaris-3, including Sonance Caskets, chests, and Resonance Beacons for those who want to farm Astrite. It also displays the locations of Ascension Materials and World Bosses so you know where to go to build your Resonators.

As Wuthering Waves receives updates – with 1.1 arriving on June 28, 2024 – we’ll be adding new content to our WuWa interactive map. Until then, though, make sure you use our map to get yourself caught up and ready for Wuthering Waves Resonators such as Jinhsi and Changli.

Wuthering Waves Interactive Map

You can click on the map filters on the left-hand side to filter specific markers, such as loot or collectibles. You can also mark them as completed so you know your exact progress!

The available interactive map filters include:

Locations, including Resonance Beacons (yes, that means the elusive Huanglong-Wuming Bay-Corroded Ruins Resonance Beacon!), Tacet Fields, Tactical Holograms, and Forgery Challenges.Collectibles, including Sonance Caskets and Blobflies.Loot, such as Advanced Chests, Premium Chests, and Mutterfly locations so you can farm Astrite quickly.Enemies, such as World Bosses so you know where to farm those all-important Echoes.Ascension Materials, so you can power up your Resonators (including Pecok Flowers).Other notable map markers, such as NPCs and vendors.

Want to farm Ascension Materials for 1.0 Resonators? Check out our Jiyan Ascension Materials and Skills and Yinlin Ascension Materials and Skills guides.

Wuthering Waves Codes

While you’re using IGN’s Wuthering Waves interactive map to find loot and earn rewards, make sure you check out the latest Wuthering Waves codes to get even more loot for free.

Codes lead to rewards such as free Astrite and Shell Credit, and resources like Premium Resonance Potions and Medium Revival Inhalers to aid you in your adventure across Solaris-3. Combined with what you can earn by opening chests on the map alone, you can score a whole lotta loot!

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